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Co-Location Services

Smart IT's co-location services offer our customers space within our data centre, which is a dedicated air-conditioned facility with uninterrupted power supply to house your server hardware while still interconnecting you to the office. 

Companies, organisations and maybe even your favourite local restaurant these days are recognising the benefits of using Co-location services to house their critical equipment within a data centre. Co-location has become popular due to the cost and time savings an organisation can realise as a result of using a shared data centre and network infrastructure.

You as the customer are able to decide what Server rack size they will need from various spaces within our data centre, or we can help to offer you a solution that will suit your needs and budget. We also offer multiple options for hosted services and external connectivity. 

Our co-location customers can also choose to connect to Our Smart IT internet (ADSL) and/or Private IP network services. Access to our Data centre is audited by facility keypad, smart card and pin-coded security making your servers, equipment and information safe and secure. Standard connectivity is 100Mbit Ethernet.

Smart IT offers 2 types of Co-location Services:
  • Dedicated Server - 
Host your own equipment and servers in our secure Brisbane based data centre. We also offer the choice of operating systems being either Windows or Linux, plus your chose software package which is then connected to our reliable network and housed in our server racks. 
  • Virtual Dedicated Server - 
Our VMware infrastructure is highly flexible and scaleable for various configurations. Using our Virtual Dedicated Server means you get to utilise this infrastructure. The hosting platform is based on software that can allow single physical servers to be partitioned into multiple self-contained and isolated virtual machines. the servers then each have their own applications and operating systems.