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Help Desk Support

IT Support can be provided on an occasional as-needed-basis. Our rates for our services are very competitive in the IT Support industry.
However, Smart IT also offers IT Support & Maintenance Agreements, providing Customers with a reduced rate for services.

Our service desk suite has the latest monitoring and management tools, and lets our support experts provide swift, efficient resolution. From forgotten passwords to system alerts from our infrastructure monitoring tools, we deliver in excess of 90% fix at service desk level, avoiding the need for escalation, reducing costs and ensuring you have the tools you need to do business.
The experience of our engineering team with a wide range of equipment means hardware problems are diagnosed and resolved without delay.

Smart IT Pty Ltd provides IT support service and maintenance at a set cost per month on a contract basis for a minimum of 12 months. The rates offered to Customers on a Smart IT Pty Ltd Support & Maintenance Agreement Contract are significantly lower than those offered to Customers who are not on an Agreement. Also, Customers who are on an Agreement have priority over those Customers on an ad-hoc basis for support needs and response times.

For a set fee, our technicians, engineers and consultants can help you to lower costs, reduce downtime, enhance levels of service and efficiency, gain optimum control and accountability, budget for a set IT expenditure, provide monthly reports on the state of your IT systems and give you ongoing advice and recommendations.

In our agreements we offer standard IT Maintenance & Support Agreement terms, which are based on support provided during Business Hours of 9am to 5.00pm, Monday - Friday. 

However, if required these agreements can be tailored to suit customers’ own support needs, that are beyond the standard business hours right up to and including 24 hrs x 7 days x 365 days a year. 

Additionally, response times on contracts vary depending on the business critical nature of the equipment held, but ranges from a 1-hour on-site or remote response to an 8-hour on-site or remote response.