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Video Analytics

Smart IT recommends Video Analytics as an ideal solution that meets the needs of Corporate managers, security officers, surveillance system operators, retail stores and any other clients as they seek to make effective use out of their surveillance systems.

Video Analytics identifies patterns of behaviour, attributes and events through video analysis of monitored environments. Our video analysis software automatically generate alerts and monitors CCTV streaming in near real time. Also having this software can facilitate forensic analysis of historical data to help identify trends, patterns and specific incidents can be found easily. 

The surveillance system operator defines the time frame and what data required to be analysed whether it be a tally of cars entering a car park, people moving in a certain area or a traffic route most commonly used , the Video Analysis system provides results following an automatic review of the footage. No manual review is required by the operator which saves time and money.

The video intelligence platform is Smart IT’s most advanced form of Video Analysis and allows its users to capture, search and index licenses plates, colours, faces, age, gender, objects, understand foot traffic conversion, heat patterns for popular areas, count customers, matching transactions to receipts and to particular people/customers and much more. 

All of these can help empower your organisation with successful marketing strategies and valuable business intelligence.